How to reset your Realme X50 to Factory Settings

How to reset your Realme X50 to Factory Settings - Admin will explain how to reset Realme X50 5G RMX2051 which has software problems such as frequent restarting, many applications stop and full memory capacity to be restored like the first time you bought it without using a computer to restore it to factory settings.
Before we move on to the next stage, let's get to know first what is a factory reset or hard reset on the Realme X50 that we often hear in cell phone service. The function of the factory reset Realme X50 is to restore all settings to the original condition or when we first buy a cellphone in this case the smartphone is damaged in the system software.

Note : A hard reset will erase all data in your Realme X50 internal memory. So before doing a factory reset Realme X50 please move all important data such as photos, music, videos and other important data stored on the phone memory.

Not all smartphone damage cases can be solved this way, but this method is the first step that can be done easily for a beginner before being taken to the service.

So before you do Realme X50, you should first backup all important files or data according to you and move to external memory. if your external memory is full, you can move it to your PC or laptop computer. Oh yes, there are two choices for Hard reset Realme X50 that allows your smartphone to return to factory settings or just like buying again.

Factory reset Realme X50 the settings menu.
If you want to reset your Realme X50 smartphone via the settings menu, please follow the steps that I have provided below.
  • First make sure the Realme X50 battery is above 75%
  • Search and enter the Settings menu
  • Then swipe down look for Additional setting
  • Then select Make a backup and reset
  • If you don't want to be stuck in FRP, turn off the Back up my data and Automatic recovery features
  • Then select Factory data reset
  • Select one method that you want to delete, please read carefully
  • After that select Reset system settings
  • Then wait for the flashing process to take place on the Realme X50 screen
  • When finished Realme X50 will restart
Then What if you can't open the lock because you forgot? This second method cannot be used for the case of Realme X50 who has forgotten pattern, forgot pin and forgot password because Google has updated the operating system so that when the Realme X50 is lost the smartphone cannot reset again so the data of the cellphone owner it is still safe. Please follow the steps below and not a single step is left behind.

Hard Reset Realme X50 the recovery mode
This hard reset method is used if the Realme X50 is not resolved in the first way. Here are the steps that I have written, and I have tried.
  • Make sure the battery is more than 75%
  • Turn off cellphone
  • Then turn on the Realme X50 by pressing the Power + Volume button down
  • Release the button if Oppo text appears
  • Then on the Realme X50 screen select English and use the volume button to swipe while the power button to select
  • Then choose Wipe Data
  • On the Realme X50 screen select Wipe data (Keep SMS, Contacts and Photos)
  • Select Yes
  • Then you wait for the flashing process is taking place on the Realme X50 screen
  • When finished select Reboot
  • Realme X50 will restart
Both ways above are very effective to restore the factory settings Realme X50 advantages of the ways above are you do not need to flash again. You can choose the one that you think is easy. If you need Realme X50 firmware download, please click here

This is the way to reset Realme X50 which has been proven successful 100%. I hope that this way to restore factory settings can be useful for those of you who need this article. share with friends who also want to reset their favorite HP Realme X50.

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