How New Flash Realme X50 from SD Card

At this time the admin will discuss how to flash the Realme X50 5G RMX2051 using a memory card or SD card through recovery mode without using a computer to restore the factory that first bought the phone. This method is very effective to use a compilation of broken phones on the logo or bootloop and other system damage.
How New Flash Realme X50 RMX2051 from SD Card
Before you bring to a place of service you should try to use this method first because this tutorial is very easy to do as long as it is followed step by step below carefully because it only uses a memory card.

Flashing on the Realme X50 cell phone is useful to overcome the problem of operating system damage including the following:
  • Fix gadgets that vibrate continuously or restart continuously
  • Overcoming errors when rooting
  • Error during system upgrade and system downgrade
  • Repair smartphone that has a virus or malware
Not all of the above solutions can be repaired using this method because every damage must be different in how to handle it, this method is the first step before flash using the flashing tool that requires using a computer or laptop, so for those of you who don't have a computer please use this method first first.

It is better if you do a factory reset before flashing Realme X50 by using a memory card or OTA update. It is better to do a factory reset or hard reset first. This method is very safe and recommended. Please Click here

Attention : The flashing process using an SD card will erase all data in your Realme X50 internal memory. If possible, move all important data such as photos, music, videos and other important data stored in the phone's memory..

How to flash Realme X50 RMX2051 from SD Card

Prepare the ingredients:
  • Minimal memory card 8 GB
  • Firmware Realme X50 - Link download coming soon

Steps for flashing via recovery mode:
  • Download the Realme X50 material above
  • Prepare a size memory card
  • Move the firmware that was downloaded, don't extract it, save it on a memory card, put it outside the folder
  • Make sure the battery is more than 75%
  • Turn off the smartphone
  • Turn on the Realme X50 while pressing the Power + Volume Down button
  • Next select the English volume button used for navigation and the power button for selecting
  • Then select Install From Storage Device
  • Select From SD Card
  • Look for the Realme X50 firmware that was moved to the SD card
  • When you find it tap OK
  • Wait for the flashing process in progress
  • When done return and tap Reboot
  • The smartphone will restart and return to new

Thus this article was made about how to flash Realme X50 via SD Card, this tutorial cannot be used for phones that experience pattern forgetting, forget pins, forget passwords and forget passwords because after Google does a security update to prevent data loss when the phone is lost . may be useful.

If this tutorial helps please share with your friends who are experiencing damage on Realme X50.
Thank you.

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