Download LG-H810 / H811 Firmware Without Ads

In this post the admin will share free firmware for download, namely LG-H810 / H811 in order to repair operating system damage due to viruses or malware resulting in data errors that cause the smartphone to fail to boot (bootlop), totally dead (dead) unbrick mode 9008, application often stops due to excessive use of memory.
LG-H810/ H811 uses a Qualcomm chipset so the flashing process uses the AFT, QFIL or other flashing tools that are suitable for use or can also use an SD Card without using a PC or computer.
Before flashing make sure the type of smartphone and firmware are the same so it does not cause flash failure and can be fatal on your smartphone. After you check the LG-H810 / H811 software version, then you continue to download the stock ROM firmware below.

Download Stock ROM LG-H810 / H811 
FileFlash File
Ukuran2.1 GB
Pass            FiRmware27

You can download the LG-H810 / H811 firmware via Google drive and Mediafire or directly. Lots of flashing tools that are scattered on the internet using either a memory card or the help of the manufacturer's flashing tool, so you have to distinguish each type of android smartphone that will be flashed. How to distinguish LG-H810 / H811 is to find out the type of chipset used by the smartphone.

For LG-H810 / H811 smartphone chipsets that use Qualcomm Soc, while for Mediatek chipsets it usually uses SP Flashtool, if the Spreadtrum chipset eats a tool used by Research Download or someone uses the YGDP Tool, MSM Download Tool but it is not a benchmark if parties Smarthone manufacturers issue flashing tools using factory default tools, for example: Samsung uses Odin, Asus uses AFT (Asus Flash Tool), Xiaomi uses Mi Flashtool and so on.

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