How to Reset Vivo U10

How to reset your Vivo U10 like new or back to factory settings, the steps are quite easy and do not take much time. You also do not need to flash by replacing the original firmware and this method has been proven 100% successful. before you do a hard reset you should know in advance what are the benefits and effects if your Vivo U10 smartphone is reset to factory settings.
How to hard reset or factory reset Vivo U10
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Benefits or impact of Vivo U10
Benefits if you do a hard reset Vivo U10 that can overcome problems in the Vivo U10 software such as: Frequent application error messages appear on the Vivo U10 screen. Overcome Vivo U10 can not access the internet. Overcome Vivo U10 Bootloop because of incorrect application or game install. Slow or slow. Hang and more on the Vivo U10 smartphone.
Hard reset Vivo U10 can delete all applications and games that were previously installed. deleting photos, music, videos, contacts, and user data stored in the internal memory will all be erased in your Vivo U10. except data stored in external memory.

So before you do Vivo U10, you should first backup all important files or data in your opinion and move to external memory. if your external memory is full, you can move it to your PC or laptop computer. Oh yes, there are two options for the hard reset Vivo U10 that allows your Vivo U10 smartphone to return to factory settings or just like buying again.

Hard reset through the settings menu 
If you want to reset your Vivo U10 smartphone via the settings menu, please follow the steps that I have provided below.
  • First make sure the Vivo U10 battery is above 75% 
  • Search and enter the Settings menu 
  • Swipe down and look for Other Settings 
  • Next select turn off Backing up my data and Automatic Recovery if you don't remember your google account (all data wants to be deleted) 
  • Then select Erase all data 
  • Then select Reset phone 
  • And then select Delete all Wait a few moments Vivo U10 will restart and do the flashing 
  • Done
Then What if you can't open the lock? Have you forgotten your Vivo U10 lock pattern and are confused because you cannot enter the settings menu to do a hard reset? to solve this problem do the second steps that I made. please follow the steps below and not a single step is left behind.

Do a Hard Reset through the factory reset menu 
This hard reset method is used if you forget to unlock the Vivo U10 so you cannot open the settings menu to reset it. The following are the steps that I have written, and I have tried.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged 
  • Turn off the smartphone if it is still alive 
  • After that turn it on while pressing the power + volume up button for a few seconds 
  • If the Vivo logo appears, the button can be released 
  • After the Fastboot mode appears, search for and select Recovery mode, use the power button to confirm and the volume button to navigate. 
  • Then select Wipe Data 
  • Choose OK 
  • Wait for the flashing process a few minutes 
  • When finished, go back to the Main Menu 
  • Then select Back 
  • Next select Reboot to system 
  • Vivo U10 will restart 
  • Done
Both of the above methods are very effective to restore the factory settings Vivo U10 advantages of the ways above are you do not need to flash again. You can choose the one that you think is easy.

This is the way to reset the Vivo U10 which has been proven successful 100%. I hope that this way to restore factory settings can be useful for those of you who need this article. share with friends who also want to reset their favorite HP Vivo U10.

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