How to Flash Realme 2 Pro with MSM Downloadtool

FLASH REALME 2 PRO - In this tutorial the admin will share a tutorial on how to do flashing on a smartphone REALME 2 PRO RMX1801EX uses the MSM Download tool for system updates.
How to Flash Realme 2 Pro with MSM Downloadtool
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Before flashing using MSM Downloadtool, has REALME 2 PRO done a factory reset or hard reset via recovery mode, if not, please read the article below:
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If by doing a hard reset it does not solve the damage problem in REALME 2 PRO, please continue reading it. The flashing function is to solve software problems such as:
  • Overcome smartphones that have forgotten patterns, forget pins and passwords
  • Repair a cellphone that vibrates continuously or restarts continuously
  • Overcome gadgets that experience root failure
  • Error while upgrading the system and downgrading the system in REALME 2 PRO
  • Repairing a cell that has a virus or malware
  • Resolve errors when root failure or total death (turn off)
  • Repair REALME 2 PRO who experienced hardbrick or softbrick
How to flash Realme 2 Pro via MSM Downloadtool
Flash Intructions REALME 2 PRO:
  • Download and install all the ingredients above
  • Activate Internet connection
  • Install LICENSE.WIBU again until the notification is successful
  • Enter DOWNLOAD TOOL open the contents or 2 files download tool to the firmware that has been downloaded.
  • Right-click DOWNLOAD TOOL with administrator run and firmware REALME will automatically enter neatly arranged.
How to Flash Realme 2 Pro with MSM Downloadtool
  • Then click START ALL
  • Turn off smartphone
  • While pressing TOP VOLUME or DOWN VOLUME connect REALME 2 PRO with a computer using a data cable
  • Wait for the flashing process to run until it's finished with a green bar line
  • Finish
This is the way to improve REALME 2 PRO via MSM DOWNLOAD TOOL which is damaged in the software section. If this method is not successful, please look for another latest firmware or take it to the nearest service location.

Flashing failure usually occurs because the driver is not installed correctly, the quality of the data cable is not good, the firmware does not match the smartphone that is being flashed and the data connection or internet is not good.

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