How to Reset Lenovo Z6 Youth

LENOVO Z6 YOUTH HARD RESET - In this tutorial I will explain how to reset the FACTORY SETTINGS LENOVO Z6 YOUTH that fix software problems such as forgetting patterns, pins, passwords, frequent restart, applications more often and use full memory to return to the factory without using a computer to reset it to return to new.
How to Reset Lenovo Z6 Youth
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How to Reset Lenovo Z6 Youth Via Recovery mode

  • Turn off the gadget
  • Make sure the Lenovo android battery is more than 75%
  • Turn on the mobile while pressing POWER BUTTON + VOLUME UP for a few seconds
  • Release all the compilation buttons, the LENOVO logo appears
  • Select WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET using the volume buttons as navigation and the power button to confirm
How to Reset Lenovo Z6 Youth
  • Then select YES
  • How to Reset Lenovo Z6 Youth
  • Wait for the flashing process to succeed

  • Then select BACK MAIN MENU
  • How to Reset Lenovo Z6 Youth
  • Finish LENOVO Z6 YOUTH will restart
PERHATIAN: Proses hard reset atau factory reset akan menghapus semua data anda, sebelum melakukan proses ini harap backup semua data penting.

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