How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A70S

HOW TO FLASHING SAMSUNG GALAXY A70S - For this article the admin will provide a tutorial on how to overcome problems such as forgetting patterns, forgetting pins, forgetting passwords or other damage using the flashing method so that the smartphone can return to normal.
How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A70S
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Before we go to the next section whether Samsung Galaxy A70S has done the factory reset method, the hard reset via recovery mode method proved to be safer and highly recommended, if you haven't tried it, please open the page below:

If you have done the above method but have not resolved the problem please continue reading it. The SAMSUNG GALAXY A70S FLASH ODIN function is to correct problems such as:
  • Repair a smartphone that vibrates continuously or restarts continuously when it fails to flash
  • Overcome a cell that has root failure
  • Error while upgrading the system and system downgrade
  • Repairing the affected virus or malware
  • Resolve errors when root failure or total death (turn off)
  • Repair when experiencing hardbrick or softbrick
The Folowing Instructions:

Materials that must be prepared:

Flashing steps by steps:
  • Download the ingredients above
  • Extract everything that was downloaded
  • Install the Samsung USB driver on the computer
  • Turn on the Samsung Galaxy A70S while pressing POWER BUTTON + VOLUME DOWN
  • After entering recovery press VOLUME UP
  • How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A70S
  • make sure the smartphone and computer are connected using a data cable
  • Open and run odin3
How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A70S
  • Make sure the odin appears as above, it's a sign that the Samsung Galaxy A70S and the computer are connected
  • Enter the Samsung Galaxy A70S firmware and click as shown below:
  • How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A70S
    If in the firmware there is only 1 file

    How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A70S
    If there are 4 files in the firmware
  • Clik Start
  • How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A70S
  • Wait for the flashing process to run
  • If the flash is successful it is marked with the upper left corner green with Android Samsung Galaxy A70S restart
  • How to Flash Samsung Galaxy A70S
  • Done
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